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What Now

For over 50 years I have painted , drawn, or carved my way through life. And can not forget photography which has opened new avenues for me such as the world of virtual reality.

WHAT NOW? Or is there a need to ask this question? Throughout art history artists have come to ask themselves whether their art should be put into draws or onto museum walls. For some the decision may have been decided for them by a collector who put them on the map. Discovered them. Others made their own decisions. Do I continue creating and having an occasional exhibition in a gallery of unknown name? Do I decide my art is worth more and strive for bigger name galleries in major cities where collectors willing to purchase the art can and do thus allowing the art's monetary value to increase? Do I plaster my art across the internet? If I do that why am I doing it? Do I want to reach more people to allow them to get to know me and my art? Is it about placing my art in a bigger market? Should I continue on as I am, painting and creating because it is my life and my passion? If it is just a profession and I am tired I could quit? If I quit what happens to the old art sticking out of drawers and filling the studio? Do I give it away as gifts on birthdays and such? The list is long fellow artists. And I suppose in the end it is about what the art means to you. Do you think your art is worth more than drawers and garbage cans? Personally I think all art and writing is worth more than that. Back to my common thought. What if Van Gogh' s family had left all his letters, drawing, and paintings in drawers or tossed them out? They could have. Goodness knows they had not made any significant income for the Vincent. Maybe some of the decision comes down to how much an artist believes in him or herself. Many people leave this world without a mark. Creative people mark the world with their art. They are given a gift not everyone has. And some that have it don't want it. And at some point in an artist 's life the question comes up. WHAT NOW?

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