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a BIG project

Room Screens | Overstock..Here is the link to room screens. there are so many many styles, sizes, and materials that you will either go broke because your eyes were bigger than your pocketbook or you will find just the right screen to embroider your masterpiece on. I am working on three oriental screens and I have never felt it overwhelming. Looking at the screens now as opposed to their beginning the rewards are building. There are a few cheaper screens which are in fact the ones I bought and they ran between $58 and $48 US dollars. Overstock makes sure you get them quickly and undamaged. I am relatively new at both embroidering and embroidering on a canvas of this size. I am 5'1" and I think my screens are 6' so you know i do quite a bit of turning them upside down. now a have one suggestion and it is a good one. GET THE 3 PANEL SCREENS....if you don't, you will not be able to embroider with ease or at all the middle area. You can unhinge them but I did that years ago when i made an attempt at this kind of project undertaking and the screens were never the same again. the oriental ones I think I read are made in China and Japan and they use different hardware possibly. Also, they will no longer be able to stand upright, and you will need to use sawhorses or huge frames to lay the individual panels on. I think all of you that need a summer or winter project should attempt screens even if you go to 3' H ones instead of 6' or more. Also

, there are even smaller screens that sit on tabletops. I am available to CHAT or message or whatever if you have any questions. Chances are i will be working on mine. I cannot tell you how rewarding this large an undertaking has become for me.

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