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Pressured and Broke

Sounds so ominous PRESSURED and BROKE. Certainly I am not the only one to say this. How many of you artists wish to climb the ladder higher and higher with their art but are finding it difficult when everything has to be PRIME. I just saw even my weather channel is pushing to give me better and what, more accurate weather if I become a prime member. Seems kind of unfair doesn't it? This prime thing was not bad in the beginning when I was an Amazon prime member and maybe my online gallery was prime because the freebies don't get anything. Only 10 paintings could be uploaded instead of unlimited. AAHHH, there too was a catch. Unlimited was only offered to the elite of the prime members. Those either willing or able to spend a monthly tithing to the app which got your attention because it was free. Don't get me wrong. They probably are free but free doesn't get an artist the amenities needed to run a successful art business no matter how small. I love digital painting and yes I am a prime member for several painting or drawing apps. I didn't want to be but here again, no money no benefits. And guess what I get for that that tithing?Brushes. Art brushes which are essential to make art. If I don't go prime i get don't get the good brushes. And so on and so on. Here is the problem. I am Pressured but Broke. We aren't called starving artists for nothing. I have so many monthly prime payments to make that it crowds out my grocery list.

There is one more Pressure. Pressure probably is not the correct word so I use it here to go with my blog. Several times a week I am invited to have my art showcased in a magazine, art book, or the walls of some well known gallery. And i am honored. Truly I am honored. Yep. Honored and Broke. Sound familiar? I can barely get through the month and many of you know what I mean. Then the offer of a lifetime comes. Two problems here. First one. It is envaribly at the end of that current month with no way to save up for the cost of being honored. Secondly. This is not the little prime tithing but ranges from $500 for 1/4 of a page or one image to $3,000 plus to make a real showing. I do not have a solution. I suppose feeling honored is the best way to think about this but honor doesn't sell your art. Money does. I return to the beginning. Pressured and Broke.

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