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It's running out Every day i paint but i have too many ideas but too little day. My day runs out.

I hear so many artists bothered because they have no inspiration. How can one not have inspiration? I liken it to those who get bored. I can not imagine boredom . go volunteer to help others if your own life is boring. And if an artist is uninspired than you must learn to paint uninspired. By this i mean paint something every day if you can. Try to put away your excuses. I am speaking from experience. Some 55 years of it. Excuses and waiting for the big inspiration can drive you into an artist's block. But if you look around you and paint a chair, the view out a window, a photo you took. Or use your imagination. All those Masters of ancient Chinese painting paint from their mind. One learns or can but one can also fall slack. When i decided to open my subject material to about anything i opened my creative window and now my problem is simply that i run out of day. How many artists would love to run out of day before their inspiration? Again. Do not wait. If Van Gogh had waited how many of those incredible paintings would not have come to us to love and cherish. Waiting is a bit like boredom. If you have the desire to create, DO IT. Do not just talk about it. DO IT. Let your own days run out before your ideas and inspirations do.

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